Publications and Presentations

The following are a selection of publications and presentations, illustrating Ian Carter’s areas of expertise.


  1. University Research in Scotland: Developing a Policy Framework, Scottish Universities Research Policy Consortium (SURPC), October 1997
  2. Interdisciplinary Research: Process, Structures and Evaluation, Scottish Universities Research Policy Consortium (SURPC), December 1997
  3. Collaboration in the Use of Research Facilities, Scottish Universities Research Policy Consortium (SURPC), May 1999
  4. Making the Best Decisions: A guide to strategic investment in research infrastructure, December 2002
  5. Customer-Supplier Roles and Relationships in Management of Research Projects, Journal of Research Administration, January 2007
  6. Research management and administration, AUA Perspectives, April 2009
  7. The Impact of Impact on Universities: Skills, Resources and Organisational Structures, in ‘7 Essays on Impact. DESCRIBE Project Report for Jisc’. University of Exeter, January 2013
  8. Changing Institutional Research Strategies, in ‘The Future of Scholarly Communication’, FACET, January 2014
  9. Current Practices in Research Data Management and Sharing, Carter Research Navigation, February 2020


  1. Your Institution Needs You: The Role of the Research Office in Strategic Research Planning, SRA International, Annual Meeting, October 2020 (with Terry Campbell)
  2. How to Succeed in the Leadership of Research Management: Influencing and Advocacy Skills, SRA International, Annual Meeting, October 2020 (with Debra Schaller-Demers and Mark Hochman)
  3. Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Your Research Office:
    How do you really know if your Research Office is really effective?, SRA International, Annual Meeting, October 2020 (with Mark Hochman)
  4. Knowledge Exchange, Economic Development, Societal Impact: Can They be Reasonably Measured?, SRA International, San Francisco, October 2019 (with Mark Hochman)
  5. Is Your Research Support Office Ready For The Future?, SRA International, San Francisco, October 2019 (with John Westensee)
  6. Current Practices in Research Data Management and Sharing, Scholarly Communications Conference, University of Kent, May 2019
  7. Convergence of KE Roles and Activities, PraxisAuril Directors’ Forum, March 2019
  8. Ensuring University Infrastructure and Culture is Ready for the Transition to Open Access, Inside Government: Moving Towards Full Open Access in Higher Education, London, June 2018
  9. What’s so different about research management leadership, INORMS 2018, Edinburgh, June 2018 (with Debra Schaller-Demers)
  10. Policy Lifecycle: Policy making in a research enterprise,  INORMS 2018, Edinburgh, June 2018 (with Farida Lada)
  11. Supporting Researchers to Win More Funding: The role of the professional research administrator in a competitive landscape, ARMS 2017, Wellington, September 2017
  12. Introducing the UK Scholarly Communications Licence, ARMS 2017, Wellington, September 2017
  13. Governments and Support to R&D: A University Perspective, Milan European Economy Workshops, Milan, June 2017
  14. Choosing the Right Structures for a Research Office, SRA International, Reykjavik, May 2017 (with John Westensee)
  15. University Incubator Models: Cost Centres or Profit-making Enterprises?, UK Science Park Association, York, May 2017
  16. Assessing, Demonstrating and Evidencing the Impact of Research, SRA International, San Antonio, October 2016 (with Mark Hochman)
  17. Strategic Research Management in a Changing Environment, INORMS 2016, Melbourne, September 2016 (with Mark Hochman, Elliott Kulakowski, John Westensee)
  18. Institutional Responsibilities in Building a Research Culture, Nuffield Council on Bioethics: The Culture of Research in the UK, London, November 2015
  19. Determining and Implementing Research Strategies, ARMA Conference, Brighton, June 2015 (with Mark Hochman)
  20. Creating an Innovation Ecosystem: Commercialisation at a Medium-Sized, Broadly-Based University, SARIMA, Johannesburg, May 2015
  21. The Role of Research in National and International Economic Development, INORMS 2014, Washington DC, April 2014 (with Lynne Chronister)
  22. Choosing Indicators for Measuring the Impact of Investments in Science, AAAS Conference, Chicago, February 2014
  23. Key Performance Indicators for Research and for Research Support, ARMA Conference, Nottingham, June 2012
  24. Open Research: The Desirables and the Effects, INORMS 2012, Copenhagen, May 2012
  25. Key Management Metrics: Using a Balanced Scorecard for Research Performance Monitoring, SRA International Annual Meeting, Montreal, October 2011 (with Rick Rohrbach)
  26. Impact in the Research and Innovation Process, INORMS 2010, Cape Town, April 2010
  27. Developing and Implementing Research Strategies and Policies, INORMS 2006, Brisbane, September 2006